Reston Referral Network

Hi. Our name is Reston Referral Network, of Business Networking International. How can we help you?

Why Business Networking International (BNI)?

Because BNI works. BNI makes us money. BNI provides a framework of rules and concepts which, when followed, results in dramatic return on your monetary and temporal investment.

When you become a BNI member, you instantly expand the reach and enhance the quality of your selling power. You educate your chapter – dealing in specifics! – on precisely what makes a good referral for you. Then you educate yourself on what your BNImates are looking for … and together, you all make it happen. You give and you get: That’s BNI’s golden rule.

With all of its compounded circles and intertwined networks, BNI is like a Venn diagram – and YOU are right where profit meets success. In BNI, you get what you ask for, and if you’re asking for more business, you’ve come to the right place.

Why the Reston Referral Network (RRN)?

Because we generate business: Over $1.25 million in income from BNI referrals to our members over the past 12 months. We generate business aplenty through the time-tested BNI method of qualified referrals – after all, Referral is our middle name.

The Reston Referral Network is among the more established groups in the panoply of BNI-NoVA chapters. Our group’s long history and continued persistence means that generations of businessfolk have found membership in the RRN to be helpful in achieving their goals and reaching new heights.

It’s more than numbers, though. It’s personalities. Like attracts like, and we’ve attracted a set of people who understand the BNI system, who arrive pre-motivated, who feel a responsibility for fostering each other’s growth, who share a desire for altruism, and who actually like each other. Fun is not a bad word to the RRN.

And, oh yeah, by the way, we’re in Reston. We gather together in one of Northern Virginia’s economic engines to bask in the business of business – and with the Reston Referral Network, business is good.

Come join us.